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22 February 2015:  Updates to wanted list.

12 February 2013:  Been busy building things and I made a Facebook Page to showcase my wares over there.  I also updated a lot of photos of my leather items on the Leather Goods Page.  Finally, I took up miniature scale blacksmithing and started hand-forging swords and other items of the sort.

19 December 2012:  Added Karate uniform to vintage uniform sets.  Also added tons of stuff to the Leather Goods Page.

18 November 2012:  Added version 2 of "Walking Dead" Duty belt and also a custom "Alice" rig from Resident Evil: Aftermath to the Leather Goods Page.

13 November 2012:  Added version 1 of my Rick Grimes "The Walking Dead" Duty Belt and Holster to the Leather Goods Page.

06 November 2012:  Added more custom leather products on the Leather Goods Page.

29 October 2012:  Added a few more custom leather products on the Leather Goods Page.

28 October 2012:  Almost complete with my Monster Air Adventurer on the Monster AT Commander page. 

20 October 2012:  Finished the Mini Adventure Team Joes with the addition of the Black Commander and Adventurer. 

19 October 2012:  Added a 1912 .45 caliber swivel holster to the Leather Goods Page.

15 October 2012:  Added another holster with ammo pouches (non-functional) to the Leather Goods Page.

13 October 2012:  Added two more holster types and a M1 Carbine Scabbard to the Leather Goods Page.

11 October 2012:  Added some more items to my custom 1:6 Scale Leather Goods Page.

07 October 2012:  Added some new stuff for trade.  Removed some stuff I don't need anymore.  Added custom rifle slings and final production pictures of the Thompson Scabbards on the custom 1:6 scale leather goods page. 

04 October 2012:  Added pictures of my mini (mego-scale) AT Commander after custom sewing him a uniform last night.  Pictures on the page.  Added a new custom holster version on the custom 1:6 scale leather goods page. 

03 October 2012:  Added a page to showcase my custom 1:6 scale leather goods

27 September 2012:  Added some more items to the For Trade page.  Check them out and lets send my stuff to you and your stuff to me!

26 September 2012:  Added 3 3/4" Micro AT Joes to the site after creating custom boxes for those guys.  I also created custom boxes for the Mini Commander and Astronaut, but I'll add those photos later.

23 September 2012:  Updated For Trade/ Wanted page with details of things I'm needing for some sets.  Cleaned up the main page and quick links a bit.

21 September 2012:  Added some new stuff for trade.

20 September 2012:  Updated my For Trade page.  Added AT Astronaut to Mini AT Joe page

10 September 2012:  Added "Mini AT Joes" to my collection.  See the story on their page.

04 September 2012:  Added Peril of the Raging Inferno and updated Aerial Recon set on the Vintage AT Uniform Page.  Added a custom URL icon to website.  Updated For Trade page due to some recent acquisitions.

01 September 2012:  Added 2005 GI Joe Collector's Club Reproduction Black Adventurer to Reproduction AT Figure page. 

24 August 2012:  Added some more trade items to the For Trade/ Wanted Page.

22 August 2012:  Added pictures of my Monster AT Commander with his new 1:3 scale model M14 Scoped Rifle.

21 August 2012:  Added the Man of Evil / Lost Adventurer to the Reproduction AT Figure Page

18 August 2012:  Added a page with instructions on restringing Muscle Body G.I. Joes.  If you're looking for help with standard vintage Joes, try here

17 August 2012:  Added and updated a couple dozen Vintage AT Box Art offerings on that page.  Go check them out.  Thanks to DJ for providing such great photos of his awesome collection.

15 August 2012:  Added updated (and better) pictures of boxed vintage figuresAlso added the last few years worth of GI Joe Collector Club annual figures in their optional purchase uniforms on the reproduction AT page

14 August 2012: Added 5 Atomic Man uniform sets to the Vintage Adventure Team uniforms page.  Added reproduction Joe page with Walmart, GI Joe Collector's Club, and Hot Topic figures. 

13 August 2012:  Added 12 Vintage Adventure Team uniforms to the appropriate page.  Made a few updates to existing uniform pages as well.

12 August 2012:  Added a work in progress of the non-uniform accessory page.  Added a couple of uniform sets that I missed to the uniform page. 

11 August 2012:  Some tweaks and changes.  Fixed the guest book feature.  Added pictures of my kids with Joe.

10 August 2012:  So, a bit of a timeout on the site due to real life and having my collection stored in a large shed.  I'll try to update some content and show what has changed in the collection.  Added and updated links on the links page.  Uploaded updated pictures of my collection.  Added a Facebook "Like" button, and some housecleaning.

23 October 06:  School goes well and I got around to fixing a few broken links, taking down the last poll, adding a guest book, and a few other minor changes. 

06 March 06:  Update after a long time.  Finally got around to it while taking a computer class.  I'm in graduate school in Montery, CA and studying astrophysics of all things.  I'll try to get some real meat into the site when I can.

14 April:  New job has had me doing "cheetah flips."  If you don't know, that means kinda bent over backwards, flipping out, without direction, etc.  I'm drowning at work because I don't know anything about logistics and I'm a logistics officer now.  Hmm, I thought those things just magically showed up when you needed them.  Anyway, I'm off to about 2 weeks in the field.  I'll be back on the 26th or so.  I just updated some of my wants on my for trade page.  Later.

20 March:  I added seven AT uniform sets from 1975-1976 tonight.  I'm nearing the end of my collection.  I have a few more late AT sets and then the Atomic Man uniform sets to go and then I'm out.  I guess I'll have to start doing Action Packs that I have when these are done.

19 March:  I added a quick photo guide to restringing vintage G.I. Joes.  I also added a link to it on my quick links for easy reference in the future.  Let me know if it helps or if  you have any restringing questions.  Warning:  lots of high res photos...careful if you have a modem.

16 March:  First ever Tennessee and Kentucky area Joe meeting occurred today (I know that sentence is written in passive voice but I don't feel like making it active).  Anyway, we met here in Clarksville, TN and had about 20 people all total over the almost 3 hours we met.  A good bit of Joe stuff was bought, sold, traded, and talked about.  We will most likely do it again.  I added a page and some pictures from the meeting.  At the bottom of that page are some links to contact information for upcoming events.  I also added four early AT uniform sets from 1970.  Two of these I picked up today and the other two I either added pieces to, or found in my stuff.  Added sets are:  Flying Space Adventure, Danger of the Depths, Spacewalk Mystery, and Fight for Survival.

07 March:  OPERATION ENDURING KARMA is a go.  Go to the sandbox at and look for the message titled "Some more Joe Karma" to see how to get your free stuff.

05 March:  Added seven more AT uniform sets bringing my page of these through the end of '74. 

04 March:  Added seven more AT uniform sets from my personal collection.  This update included Emergency Rescue, Secret Agent, Desert Survival, Dangerous Mission, Fight For Survival, Secret Rendezvous, and Hidden Treasure.  I also changed the layout of the Vintage Box Art by putting the boxed sets in alphabetical order instead of random fashion.

02 March:  Added lots more sets to the Vintage Box Art section of the site.  I think that this is going to be a very popular section and I'll continue to add to it as I can find pieces.  If you have any in your possession that are not listed, I'd love to add them to the gallery.  Photos work, but they are best if scanned since I focus specifically on the front artwork.  Thanks a bunch in advance. 

28 February:  Added several new Vintage Box Art pieces.  I've got about 15 more great pictures to add as soon as I get the time, so check back soon. 

27 February:  Added some new sets to the AT Uniform Page.  Added today:  Radiation Detection, High Voltage Escape, Hurricane Spotter, Volcano Jumper, Aerial Recon, Demolition, Smoke Jumper, and Jungle Survival.  Did the first of possibly many Karma giveaways.  Take a look here for Free Stuff.  All the free stuff is gone now, but you can see what everyone got.  I'll do this again as soon as I get some extra stuff. 

26 February:  Added a new feature to the site.  Today I started adding photos of all the Adventure Team uniform sets.  I got up to the end of 1970 today and I'll continue to add.  You can get to the shortcut here.  I also added some more quick links on the front page.  I also added some more vintage box art.

25 February:  Added some new vintage box art to that page.  I got a bunch of new boxed figures in today from Ebay auctions.  Look at the picture here. 

24 February 2002:  I updated my FOR TRADE/ SALE/ WANTED list after I went through all my stuff and updated my collection status.  I put a lot of the trade stuff on Ebay.  Just do a search for sandbox-aaron (my Ebay user id) to see it.  Auctions end next Sunday.  Lots of vintage stuff in there, some of it very nice.

18 February 2002:  Added lots of items to my FOR TRADE/ SALE/ WANTED list.  Mostly added loose AT items/uniforms and some nice vintage Action Marine and Action Soldier uniforms.

15 February 2002:  Added a photo of my first boxed Hasbro Vintage Adventure Team figure.  I am now the owner of a very minty hard hand Man of Action in a nice box.  Picture here.  I'll be adding some more pictures this evening, so check back.  I also added my new motor pool.  I have added some pieces as well as an area to park them.  You can go straight there at this link.

14 February 2002:  Land Adventurer won the poll.  He is officially the favorite Adventure Team figure.  Send your ideas for the next poll to me at or to the email link on my main page at the bottom (it is the one that looks like the talking commander).  More importantly than all that, I have FINALLY UPDATED MY FOR TRADE/ SALE/ WANTED list.  It isn't complete, but gets me started.  Look for more to come.

06 February 2002:  New poll up to determine the tie breaker for favorite figure.  Last figure poll resulted in a tie between the Land Adventurer and the Talking Commander.  Make a difference, vote now.

31 January 2002:  The final run-off poll is going up right now.  The top three choices from the land, air, and water polls are up in contention.  Drop by and vote for your favorite overall AT vehicle.

23 January 2002:  I am the editor for the G.I. Joe collecting category of the Open Directory Project at DMOZ.ORG.  This is a human being edited web search project similar to Yahoo that has volunteer human editors for specific categories that they are interested in.  If you want to be part of this project, see the links at the bottom of my main page.  New poll up.  This is the last vehicle poll before the big run-off.  The AT Helicopter won big honors this last week in the poll.  Full results are listed here.  Next week will be the final run-off of all Vintage AT Vehicles.

16 January 2002:  New poll up today.  Last results are posted in the poll archives here.  Be sure to vote for your favorite air vehicle this week on the poll.  Next week we'll finish up the vehicles with water vehicles and then we'll have the runoff of the three types of vehicles.

11 January 2002:  I finally got around to adding some new pictures to the Vintage Box Art section of the web site.  I had to do some pretty extensive photo editing on several of the new ones.  It is hard to find good quality images of most of these sets.  I guess if I was rich and had all these sets to take pictures of myself then I wouldn't have these problems.  Of course, if I was rich I wouldn't have to build my own web site.

09 January 2002:  First poll ended of favorite Vintage Adventure Team figure.  See results here.  Summary:  Land Adventurer and Talking Commander tied with 25% of vote each.  Thanks to all that participated.  New poll is up. This time we are trying to find out what everyone's favorite AT land vehicle is.  I'll do land vehicles this poll, then sea and air vehicles in some sequence.  When we have all three done, I think I'll go with a poll pitting the top 3 of each category to determine the "favorite" AT vehicle of all time.

07 January 2002:  I finally decided I was tired of working with "free" software and doing a lot of things the hard way on my site.  I bought a copy of Microsoft FrontPage today and converted my site.  I went with a theme like my homepage for the entire site and using some of my new knowledge of presentations, made the site similar so as to not tax your brains as much.  So, basically the whole site is changed today (at least in appearance)

05 January 2002:  Added a web poll to the homepage.  So, check it out and lets see who our favorite AT figure is.

04 January 2002:  Added links to the GI Joe Collector's Webring of which I am a new member.  I added a cool animated gif by JoeFan into the webring box so be sure to check it out at the bottom of the index.  I am also working on my "pictures of other Joe sets I don't YET have" page.

01 January 2002:  Yes, first update of the new year.  My trip plans got pushed off a day, so I created my first animated gif image as you might have seen on my front page.  Now I not only have Kung Fu Grip action, but it is "comin' at ya".  Added a page about the 30th Anniversary Land Adventurer.  Finally, I put up a page with my "loose" figures.  It might not be exactly what you expect.

31 December 2001: Happy New Years all.  I made some pretty big changes today based on the suggestions of several viewers.  Changed a bunch of backgrounds to contrast better with the text.  Changed some link colors.  Removed some of the larger images for faster loading.  Added a couple of links.  Best thing I did was learn how to make GIF file backgrounds transparent so they match whatever background they are on.  Very cool trick taught to me by Sean Huxter.  Well, that is it for today.  Gotta get some rest soon.

30 December 2001: Added some links to the "Sandbox", John Michlig's Masterpiece Edition articles and an email link.  I also added a link to some info about me if you are interested in a bit of who I am..

29 December 2001:  Started working on the site and got a few pictures up.  Had to start from scratch because I didn't go to my free webpages often enough to suit their needs.  So, they just deleted all my stuff without even a friendly email reminder.  New site is on a $5 per month pay site at where you can get a free domain (or pay one for more features) with the very cool behind it.

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