Boxed Sets I Don't Have YET!

As I was surfing through the pre-1980 Joe stuff on EBay, I noticed that there were some very nice pictures of some vintage AT boxes.  I figured that EBay pictures are probably close enough to public domain that I acquired some of them and using my limited knowledge of photo editing, I fixed some of them up.  In addition, several other collectors have provided pictures of their sets for addition to this gallery.  They are listed here for your enjoyment.  If you feel that one of these images is your property please contact me and I'll remove it at once.


  Adventure Team ATV

 Adventure Team Colorforms Set 

Adventure Team Headquarters 

Attack at Vulture Falls NEW 17 Aug 12 

Avenger Pursuit Craft  NEW 02 Mar 02

Big Trapper

Black Widow Rendezvous  NEW 02 Mar 02

Capture Copter UPDATED 17 Aug 12

Copter Rescue NEW 17 Aug 12

Dangerous Mission NEW 17 Aug 12

Demoltion (later Dangerous Removal)  NEW 02 Mar 02

Desert Survival  NEW 02 Mar 02

Desert Explorer  UPDATED 17 Aug 12

  Desert Patrol Adventure

Devil of the Deep UPDATED 02 Mar 02

Drag Bike

Emergency Rescue  NEW 02 Mar 02

Equipment Tester

Escape Car

Fantastic Freefall 

Fate of the Trouble Shooter  NEW 02 Mar 02

Fight for Survival NEW 17 Aug 12


 Hidden Treasure UPDATED 17 Aug 12

High Voltage Escape NEW 17 Aug 12

Jettison to Safety NEW 17 Aug 12

Jungle Ordeal NEW 17 Aug 12

Jungle Survival UPDATED 17 Aug 12

Karate NEW 17 Aug 12

  Long Range Recon

Magnetic Flaw Detector 

Mobile Support Vehicle  NEW 02 Mar 02

Mystery of the Boiling Lagoon

Night Surveillance NEW 17 Aug 12

Photo Recon NEW 17 Aug 12

Radiation Detection  NEW 02 Mar 02

Raging River Dam Up NEW 17 Aug 12

Recovery of the Lost Mummy  NEW 02 Mar 02

Rescue Raft  NEW 02 Mar 02

Sample Analyzer  NEW 02 Mar 02    

Search for the Abominable Snowman 

Search for the Stolen Idol 

Secret Agent  NEW 02 Mar 02

Secret Mission NEW 17 Aug 12

Secret Rendezvous NEW 17 Aug 12

Secret of the Mummy's Tomb  NEW 02 Mar 02

Signal Flasher 

Sky Dive to Danger NEW 17 Aug 12

Sky Hawk  NEW 02 Mar 02

Smoke Jumper  NEW 02 Mar 02

Super Adventure Set  02 Mar 02

Thermal Terrain Scanner  NEW 02 Mar 02

Training Tower and Slide For Life  UPDATED 02 Mar 02

Undercover Agent NEW 17 Aug 12

Underwater Explorer 








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