My Collection of
"Loose" Figures
(Parts is Parts)

Picture of all my loose, extra figure parts.

This is a picture of all my "loose" extra vintage parts.  Well, not all of them are vintage.  There is one fishing lure tray with Cotswold replacement hands and feet in there.

Need a little head?  Extra noggin's for our favorite adventurer

This is the majority of my extra head collection.  The ones in bags are heading off to Craig Blankenship at some point in the future for reflocking.  The ones in the box are mostly painted head types that don't need flocking or heads that are only good for removal of flocking due to gashed faces, missing noses, etc.  Someday I will get these matched up with loose nude bodies and have figures.

Pictures of extra torsos and hip/thigh parts


A few of my extra Muscle Body torsos and my collection of standard vintage hip/thigh pieces.  There is another box of muscle bodies just like the one shown here as well, but I forgot it in the picture.

Picture of the remainder of my Joe parts

This is the last of it, minus some odds and ends about.  You can see a few more muscle body torsos and some headless/armless standard body figures in the left container.  The bottom middle is all muscle body biceps, forearms, neck posts, and hands (hmm, maybe if I got off this computer chair and connected those to the torsos.... oh, never mind).  The two largest tackle boxes are all vintage parts (legs, arms, hands, neck posts, etc) while the little one on the right is Cotswold replacements.  The big bin on the right is full of standard torsos and the little bag in the bottom right corner has all Bulletman pieces with lots of missing chrome.  One day I may figure out how to "re-chrome" plastic and fix the poor guys.

I guess you could call these guys potential "Franken-Joes" as they will one day live again.

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