My Collection as of 2012

(Updated 10 August 2012)


After spending three solid years in boxes in a storage closet in Hawaii due to lack of space in the house, my collection has been freed and taken up residence in a key corner of our garage.  Here are some pictures of the collection as it exists today.

Looking into the Joe Nook.




Simulated 360 view of the wall, viewing each wall from left to right and generally splitting them top to bottom.  Left wall holds Talking Commander Variations, small collection of 1968 West Point Cadets, Basic carded/boxed figures, my small team of Intruders, and uniform/sets I have from the early part of the series.  The back wall holds all my boxed basic figures (boxes with Joes inside most of them), miscellaneous kit pieces, a few set dioramas (in fancy plastic aquariums), a good portion of the motorpool, and plastic bins full of disassembled bodies.  Right wall continues the uniform sets into the mid-late AT years at the top with Repro sets toward the bottom.  I also have a few modern sets including Army/Navy football and both an old (World War II) and New (OIF) 101st Airborne Trooper (in homage to the organization I commanded in Iraq).  Also on the bottom are the 1998 Sandbox Exclusive U-Boat Commander (which I helped develop) and a 1/3 scale AT Commander in box that was custom made using a "Men of Honor" figure.  Wrapping it up on the bottom are a couple of command centers and the heavy vehicles from the motor pool.  Helicopters are flying recon over the entire collection with both 1st and 2nd issue AT Copters and a Capture Copter. 



I've collected quite a few reproduction AT figures over the last decade or so.  I've got these on the shelf shown above including the last few years GI Joe Collector's Club annual figures on the left, two variations of the Land Adventurer, Sea Adventurer, and Air Adventurer, Black Adventurer, Another variation of the Sea Adventurer, Man of Action and a Sea Adventurer in the Magnum Power reissue.


This portion at the top of the back wall has all my boxed figures.  The two on the ends are Polistil Action Team figures from Italy.  In the middle you have the hard hand figures (non-talking) to the left, kung fu grip figures (non-talking) on the right, and talking figures in the middle.  

The next shelf down on the back wall hosts the nearly complete boxed Troubleshooter (I think I'm missing a little antenna or two), Hunt for the Pygmy Gorilla, Avenger Pursuit Craft in box (with some broken pieces that prevent it from displaying well), and the rebuilt collection of my Super Joe Team (including Darkon (missing his evil black helmet), Illuminos, and Super Joe Commander.  I restrung them using various, tedious techniques and they are poseable but not playable.


Next shelf down has some odds and end equipment pieces that don't fit well in figure boxes and a couple other sets that I display in two additional aquariums to keep the dust off.  Turbo swamp craft complete and the Search for the Mummy's Tomb.  Also displayed are a Defender figure (far left), some AT Colorforms (complete) and a few carded uniforms.




Three helicopters on the ceiling include two releases of the AT Copter (note the different blade tips as the most obvious difference) and the Capture Copter.



Top left shelf has two special sections.  On the left I have Adventure Team Commander variation uniforms as well as my French Talker.  On the right three 1968 West Point Cadets and a custom West Point Cadet Drum Major in custom kilt.





My Collection as of 2001

The photo is a recent picture of the majority of my collection in my newly built shelf system.  They are not really organized yet, just pulled out of boxes and placed on shelves.  The shelves are 10' wide with four shelves of 14" height each (to accommodate Cotswold figure boxes which they stay dust-free in).  What isn't evident from the photo is that the ceiling slopes upward just above that top shelf with barely enough room for the footlockers.



My Collection as of 1997


I got into collecting in 1997 and this was the entire collection at the end of that year with the exception of a full set of the Masterpiece Edition Joes that got me started.  They used to all fit in two shelves of a glass front bookshelf.   

My Boxed Collection
Here are links to some of my boxed collection.  It is pretty substantial actually and is very impressive.  I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoy my boxed Joes.

Entire Boxed Collection
Boxed Figures

Boxed Vintage Items

Vintage Adventure Team Uniform Sets NEW

Motor Pool
I've been able to acquire a few Adventure Team vehicles for my collection.  Probably the nicest pieces in my motor pool are two minty AT Helicopter that I got from Keven Chapman a few years back.  They are in great condition, one being the first edition release and the other being the later version.  Don't ask me right now what the difference is because I'd have to look at them and they are still in boxes right now (moving stinks).  I've also managed to collect a Big Trapper, Mobile Support Vehicle, Yellow ATV (with working winch), Troubleshooter ATV (somewhat complete), Escape Car, Drag Bike, Turbo Swamp Craft (finally complete), a few rubber rafts, pontoon boat (from pygmy gorilla), Windboat, a Rocket Pack, a Turbo Copter, a Jeep (not the AT one, but an earlier 7000 series Joe vehicle), and last, but not least, a boxed mint Sea Wolf submarine.  I also just recently picked up a nearly complete Capture Copter.  I just built some shelves to act as the motor pool that you can see by clicking on the Motor Pool link at the top of this paragraph.

Loose Figures

Most of my Joes fall into this category.  A recent survey (done by myself of course) listed the break down of figures at roughly 9 Air Adventurers, 8 Astronauts, 24 Land Adventurers, 8 Men of Action, 10 Sea Adventurers, over a half dozen Mike Power figures, about 10 Talking Commanders, a Talking Astronaut (sweet), a black Commander, and a couple of black Adventurers.  I also have a couple of Eagle Eye Joes, a complete Bulletman, one solitary Defender figure, three Intruder Commanders, and one regular Intruder.  Most of these figures listed are clothed in either a basic uniform (appropriate to figure type) or in one of the uniform sets.  In addition, behind the front row on the shelves are my backup Joes.  About 25 complete nude Joes that I either haven't gotten around to clothing or haven't enough uniforms for them; about 20 more figures that are complete except for heads (I really need to ship those off to Craig Blankenship for reflocking); and then my Frankenstein hoard (I have a couple of those 6 drawer rolling organizers from Wal-Mart full of various Joe parts....If I get off my butt someday there are probably 40-60 figures in there minus some hands, feet, and heads.)  So, Thor, stay away!!! There are many of us and many in reserve.

Miscellaneous Stuff

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