Reproduction Adventure Team Figures

In the last few years several people other than Hasbro proper have been putting together some great Adventure Team reproductions in the spirit of the good old days of the Adventure Team.  I've collected quite a few of those sets and thought I'd share them with you.


First, the Box Art


Walmart Reproduction Figure Boxes   GI Joe Collector's Club Basic Figure Boxes   GI Joe Collector's Club Talking Figure Boxes




Next, the Boxed Figures


Walmart Reproduction Figures   GI Joe Collector's Club Basic Figures   GI Joe Collector's Club Talking Figures


Some Side-By-Side Comparisons




Land Adventurer, Sea Adventurer, and Air Adventurer comparisons.  GI Joe Collector Club figures to the left and Walmart to the right.

Note that the Walmart Land Adventurer is essentially the same as the Hot Topic released figure and the Walmart Air Adventurer is essentially the same as the one released by Urban Outfitters. 



I personally think the Collector Club figures look more like the original Joes they represent.  I am also a fan that both reproductions include modifications to the boxes to prevent unscrupulous people passing them off as vintage.


GI Joe Collector Club Annual Figures

If you're like me, 12" is the only way to go with even your non-vintage figures.  As a result, I always receive the GI Joe Collector Club's annual AT release.  Each came "free" with annual club membership and also had an optional purchase outfit to fit their theme.  The "free" figures came loose in some variation of shorts/boxers and a T-shirt. 




Left to Right

2011 Man of the Sea, 2010 Urban Adventurer, 2007 Arctic Adventurer, 2008 Man of Asia, 2006 Foreign Adventurer, and the 2012 Man of Evil / Lost Adventurer (NEW)

(Click on the ones below for a closer look at them out of their cages)



And finally, the GI Joe Collector's Club Magnum Power

My good friend Sean Huxter has a great page with in-depth reviews of most of these figures.  You should pay it a visit here. 

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