Spacewalk Mystery

Hey, cool, another figure type.  This is the non-talking astronaut that came with this particular set.  I have about 8 to 10 of these guys that are often mis-named as blonde Man of Action figures.  There has been consistent debate about this over the years I've been collecting and my take on it is that Hasbro put whatever the heck they wanted/had in a box and sold it to us kids.  Anything could have happened and don't really discount anything. 



Contents of Set

Non-Talking Astronaut

Space Capsule with Blue Non-glow Interior (not pictured)

Silver Foil Astronaut Suit with 1 zipper

Helmet with Visor and Microphone

Short Gray Boots

Chest Pack with Tether Cord

Propellant Gun with Gold Wand

Small Hand-held Camera (not pictured)



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