All gone, but look at the links to see what they got.  I'll do it again and closer to prime time next time.


I'm feeling a little down on my Karma lately and thought I would give away some extra stuff.  Here is what I've got below.  I make a couple stipulations up front though.

1.  You have to take a few minutes and look at my site.  Please provide some feedback, good or bad, so that I can make it a better place for Joe folks on the web.

2.  You have to pass on something to someone in return for receiving any of this stuff.  Yes, I'm not telling you what, how much, to who, but you, by taking part in this, accept the fact that you have to pass on some Joe Karma, i.e. give something G.I. Joe to someone for free (or for some non-tangible stuff like I'm making you free stuff, my rules).

3.  You have to go to this link and post one good G.I. Joe URL. 


That is are your choices.  Only one item per person please.  I'm trusting you guys on this.  Once you find what you want, email me at and tell me what you are asking for.  I'll respond to you and let you know if you got it first and then I'll get your address.


Door 1


Door 2


Door 3


Door 4


Door 5


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