Danger of the Depths

I finally broke down and got a diving suit.  I know I've probably said for about 5 years that I wasn't going to bother with them because I'd have to watch them disintegrate and fall apart on me, but I gave in today.  Got the suit today.  Top is excellent, supple and smooth, with no real problems or hard spots.  Bottoms are nice, but are either pitted, or chewed on but displays nicely.  Headpiece is hardening at front where chin would be.  Not a bad suit.  A liberal dose of talcum powder and Joe slid right in there.  If you have one, take off Joe's hands and feet and it goes on much easier.



Contents of Set

Orange SCUBA Top with Orange or Yellow Zipper (orange shown)

Orange SCUBA Bottoms

Orange SCUBA Hood

White Air Tanks

Black Swim Fins

Black Face Mask (I need this piece)

Spear Gun (I need a new one...my spear is broken)

Red Marker Buoy

Knife with Scabbard

Yellow Sea Sled (black plugs with red/white motor)  (I need this)

Gray Shark


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