G.I. Joe Adventure Team Accessory Sets


Here, I'll list all the accessory sets that Joe could get that didn't involve a uniform.  If I have the set personally, it will have a link to a page displaying that set with or without one of my figures.  These pages will also list what equipment Joe should have and when I don't have it, I'll let you know so you can trade it to me.  I use Derryl DePriest's book as my guide so any listings will most likely be a direct lift from his research.  If you have a good picture of some set that I don't have, please let me know and I'll add it.  I will of course credit your collection with the picture.  Also, if you think I missed one, please let me know that as well. 


1971 Series

Rescue Raft (1971-1976)

Fire Fighter (1971-1974)

Life-Line Catapault (1971-1976)

Windboat (1971-1976)

Underwater Explorer (1971-1976)

Escape Car (1971-1974)

Flying Rescue (1971-1974)

Signal Flasher (1971-1974)

Danger Alert! (1971 Only)

Escape from Danger (1971 Only)

1972 Series

Underwater Demolition (1972-1976)

Laser Rescue (1972-1976)

Sonic Rock Blaster (1972-1976)

Chest Winch (1972-1976)

Solar Communicator (1972-1976)

Rocket Pack (1972-1976)

Turbo Copter (1972-1975)

Drag Bike (1972-1975)

1973 Series

Escape Slide (1973-1974)

Magnetic Flaw Detector (1973-1974)

Sample Analyzer (1973-1974)

Equipment Tester (1973-1974)

Seismograph (1973 Only)


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