Micro AT Joes


So, like many people my age, 3 3/4" GI Joes came out when we were about done with toys and even if we weren't, the little guys were really no match for our fond memories of 12" GI Joes owning the back yard, sand box, living room, swimming pool, and anywhere else we could get to with them. 


That said, those little guys did keep the brand name alive for another generation and have allowed GI Joe to return somewhat to his former glory as well as creating this awesome cross-over toy, the 3 3/4" GI Joe Adventure Team!


The GI Joe Collector's Club produced these several years ago and they are pretty nifty, so I picked up a set.  They are the only 3 3/4" GI Joes I allow in my collection (except for that little keychain guy I got as a gift, but he doesn't count). 




To keep the little guys from being jealous over more than just being small, I crafted them some custom boxes so they could be like the other guys. 


The Adventure Team Commander in this size does not talk, but he does have his iconic green uniform and "hunting" rifle.  He also comes with his molded vest/holster ensemble.  From the club, he came with an evil scientist to battle and some giant Venus Flytrap with tentacles.  A little weird and it is still in the box.  


The Land Adventurer sports "Duck" pattern camouflage like he always has and the standard set of gear.  He has a modernized yellow All Terrain Vehicle you can see in the last photo.

The Sea Adventurer wears his issue Navy work trousers and shirt with the standard team vest and equipment.  He has a sting ray looking submersible that you can see a bit of in the last photo.

The Air Adventurer is still wearing and orange flight suit, though I don't believe the Air Force has used that in decades.  Oh well, it is still classy.  He came with a rifle like the other guys but left it in his chopper.  Oh yeah, he has a helicopter which you can see in the last photo.


So, here is the team where they normally hang out, on top of the corner of my desk.  They are just about the only Joes that have managed to make it into the house.  Behind them is a 12" Adventure Team Astronaut in his capsule.  As mentioned before, you can see the Yellow ATV, Yellow Helicopter, and the White Submersible (the Sea Wolf 2) obviously. 


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