Here is a collection of some of my favorite links to Joe stuff on the web.  It is not all inclusive nor even close to the list of links I use but give me a break, the page is very new.  If you want to exchange links, just drop me a note.


This is the big one.  The one and only sandbox Usenet newsgroup at  This is the number one source for all your Joe questions, wants and needs.   With the decline of ISPs carrying USENET newsgroups, participation has dwindled a lot in the last few years.


Enter The Sandbox FaceBook Group Edition.  Lots of the same folks and much of the same discussion, this time with the benefit of picture hosting included in the basic functionality.  No more links to file hosting, just add pictures from your computer or even your phone.  The group does require joining to prevent spam, so just click the Join button when you get there.


This is Tom Calhoun's site where he not only has a great Adventure Team site, but also creates custom adventure clothing/ gear for your modern and vintage Adventurers.  Tom also let me use his cool Kung Fu Grip image on my front page.


This is Derryl DePriest's excellent book on GI Joe.  There is no better source for this information anywhere.  I've got all the other guides, dictionaries, whatevers about Joe that you can get, but this one beats them all hands down.  You want to know about Joe, buy Derryl's book.  You'll have to look for it on Amazon, likely..

This is a great source of links for lots of Joe information.  If you can't find it on there you can find someone there that can help.


Sean really helped out a lot with some of my logos and such.  He also taught me how to take the background out of some of my images to make them look better on the page.  Thanks Sean.  What a great bunch of Joes.

Check out GI Joe Collections to see some truly awesome collections.


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