30th Anniversary
G.I. Joe Collector's Club
Land Adventurer

This figure just plain rocks.  Released last year, this is the closest thing out there to the feel of brand new MIB vintage Adventure Team besides brand new MIB vintage Adventure Team stuff.  The figure is very nice with an excellently reproduced and flocked head.  The uniform, sticker, shoulder holster, boots are all fantastic.  He has two pistols one is Action Man vintage and the other is Adventure Team (I believe there was initially a mistake in the reproduction and we get the benefit).  He comes with the removal of boots instructions, a 30th year brochure, and a cool AT pin for your lapel.

I bought three of these since they came out around the birth of my twin boys.  I was born near the first AT Joes and they were born near the first "anniversary reproduction"  I thought it would be fun to open them up with them when they are old enough to appreciate them.

Picture of 30th Anniversary Land Adventurer box and figure

Here you see the figure and box.  With the exception of the "30 Years of Adventure" at the bottom, this looks like the real thing.  (Note the crisp, clean uniform and no hair rubs)

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