Shark's Surprise

Okay, disclosure time.  This is one of the few sets that I've used the same figure/uniform in multiple sets.  I'll detail what isn't really here below.  Hasbro took the same diving suit from Danger of the Depths, changed the sled, added the chest from Eight Ropes of Danger, and sold a bunch more of the same toys to unsuspecting kids like me.



Contents of Set

Sea Adventurer (this one included the figure)

Orange SCUBA Top with Orange or Yellow Zipper (orange shown) (I need this)

Orange SCUBA Bottoms

Orange SCUBA Hood (I need this)

White Air Tanks

Black Swim Fins (I need this)

Black Face Mask (I need this piece)

Spear Gun (I need a new spear is broken)

  Blue Sea Sled without motor (I need this)

Gray Shark (I need this)

Treasure Chest with four coins (I need this as I borrowed this from Eight Ropes of Danger)


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