Eight Ropes of Danger

Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse... no, wrong fun.  This fun is the fun of having your very own deep sea diver with controllable buoyancy (that means how much he floats or something technical like that....basically you could make him sink or float).  This guy was fun in the tub or the pool.  Of course, that is why all the suits are flaking out inside but who cares, they were way fun in the 70s. 



Contents of Set

Diving Suit

Gold Helmet and Two-piece Breastplate (No GI JOE on front)

Short Black Boots

Lead Weight Belt (4 weights)

Lead Weights for Boots

Oxygen Meter and Hoses (2) (I need one hose)

Octopus (I need one)

Treasure Chest with 4 Coins (I need two of the coins)

Treasure Map (I need this)




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