White Tiger Hunt

Another classic set with a run of only a couple of years.  This is a shame because that white tiger is one of Joe's most dangerous enemies.  I think we all had this set if you had any of the early ones.  It had too much fun stuff.  Green and orange tent, fire, cage with a white tiger, and a cool brown and gold hunting rifle.  Nice stuff there for young minds.  My set is mostly complete with only a few missing details.



Contents of Set

Green Hunting Jacket (four or two pocket, latter is shown)

Tan Pants (thick with four pocket, thin with 2 pocket)

Campaign Hat (or pith helmet)

Green and Orange Tent (metal or plastic poles)

Campfire (rubber or lightweight plastic, latter is shown)

Brown (or black) and Gold or Black Hunting Rifle (may or may not have black detailing)

White Tiger (with or without painted highlights, latter is shown)

Cage with metal latch and chain (I'm missing metal latch and chain)


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