Volcano Jumper

I think this suit was used for more dangerous missions like handling radioactive materials than the Radiation Detection  At least, this Joe had a proper face shield.  I do recall some real messes with the strings on this set that caused mine to be stringless.  It was fun while it lasted.  Today it is hard to find the face shields with good plastic in them.  Most have creases from footlocker storage for a couple decades.  I still don't know what the little yellow thing is supposed to be for, although apparently it is a demo pack.  I guess Joe would blow up the volcano to solve the problems.  If you say so Boss.



Contents of Set

Red Jumpsuit

Blue Hood with Clear Plastic Visor

Black vinyl belt with axe slot (axe not included)

Yellow Chest Pack with nylon string

Yellow Explosive Pack (hanging in the picture like a cod piece)

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