Secret of the Mummy's Tomb

So, this is technically not just a uniform set, but it came with a uniform, a very snazzy, tan, desert uniform.  Oh, it also had the awesome ATV and a pygmy mummy with sarcophagus, too.  If you're interested in those sorts of things. This particular set is complete except for the substitution of the Man of Action in the photo for the Land Adventurer that comes with the set.  One day I'll pull his head off and swap it and nobody will ever know.  Wait, this is the Internet, so there will be some permanent record of this little mistake forever...


Contents of Set

Land Adventurer Figure (Man of Action shown here.  Add a beard and you're pretty much there)

Tan Shirt with two snaps

Tan Trousers with one snap

Pith Helmet

Short Black Boots (standard AT issue)



Mummy with case and three jewels (Mummy is in the sarcophagus with the 3 jewels.  I didn't feel like unwrapping all of that stuff)

Cargo Net

Yellow All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) with winch



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