Night Surveillance

Okay, some up-front disclosure.  You've likely seen this guy before, as he is the same guy modeling the Infiltration set.  As I said on that page, I've only ever recovered one of these tops, so I re-used it.  Also note that this set did not come with a shoulder holster/pistol but I didn't have time to take that off of the figure before this picture.  Oh, one more thing ... this isn't the right item for the "Infrared Scanner" but the "Equipment Tester" which has the same tooling.  Difference is that the proper piece of kit was molded in dark plastic, maybe black or dark blue.  I think that is all I want to disclose.



Contents of Set

Black hooded parka (thin fabric) ( I NEED THIS)

Black pants with elastic waist (I NEED THIS)

Silver map case with map (I need the map)

Sten machine gun with ammo clip

Infrared Scanner (Same as Equipment Tester in a different color scheme)

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