Long Range Recon

This one reminds me of Jungle Survival for some reason.  Maybe it is that they are very similar.  This shirt looks a whole bunch likea Mike Power Atomic Man shirt, but it is not.  Notice it has no pockets.  It is of the same thinner material as Mike's shirt as well.  How do you tell the difference?  Mike's has his name in his...Joe has his name in his.  The tags are the giveaway.



Contents of Set

Camouflage Short Sleeve Shirt

Tan Pants

Short Brown Boots

Brown Shoulder Holster

Black Pistol (I need this, silver one shown)

Silver Map Case with Map

Walkie Talkie (I need this)


Black Binoculars with Rubber Strap

Soft Plastic Canteen (I need this..mine is a hard canteen)


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