Fantastic Freefall

What is better than your own deep sea diver, well it could only be your own 1:6 scale working parachute.  Yes, you heard me, a real, honest-to-God, parachute.  Yep, I wonder how many of us almost fell off of the roof trying to get this guy some more altitude.  It was a great set with flashy colors.



Contents of Set

Orange Flightsuit with Orange Zipper

Yellow Plastic Air Vest (I know, my guy has a cloth Mae West, but I like it better)

Gold Helmet with Oxygen Mask

Tall Black Boots (numbered 1 and 2 if you care)

Blinker Light

Red Flashlight

Blue Plastic Parachute Pack

Red and White Parachute (most look orange and white now, like mine)


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