1998 Sandbox Exclusive U-Boat Commander
Sometime in 1998 somebody had a great idea to make a custom figure just for the Sandbox.  So, the first ever Sandbox Exclusive figure was born.  After many weeks of nominations and arguing about what it should be, we ended up going with a U-Boat Commander (which coincidentally enough has now been done by more than one major figure seller).

The run was 50 sets and basically all the parts (minus I believe the hat, binos, and shoes) were done by Sandbox members.  It also represented my first foray into sewing and custom work myself.  The figure turned out to be a big hit with all 50 sets sold before they were even started.  I got mine for free because I did 50 pairs of 1:6th scale trousers for no cost.  Without any further delay, here is the 1998 Sandbox Exclusive U-Boat Commander.

Here is the outside of the handcrafted wooden box with the our custom box art.

Here is the inside of the box with the figure displayed and the inset.

This is the inset blown up so you can read it (well, most of you can read it).  If you look you can see my name in there along with some very distinguished Sandbox denizens.  Hope you enjoyed the little peek into the exclusive.

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