Joe's Italian Cousin
I just picked up my first foreign Joes (other than Canadian Joes which I love for their itsy bitsy feet and their talkers funny words).  I got these from a guy on EBay who came across some store stock in his native land of Italy.  These guys came untouched in their original boxes in about C9 condition with arms and heads unattached.  I restrung them a couple of days before Christmas and had them lying about my Mom's house.  Well, didn't think much of them over the next couple of days and opened them up on Christmas day.  Talk about some Deja Vu.  Vintage Joes out of the box on Christmas morning is a pretty good memory.  Anyway, here are the pictures.

The figure on the left is a muscle body basic figure in blue shorts.  I believe it is the Italian version of the carded muscle body Sea Adventurer.  The guy on the right is a blond hair (Air Adventurer) in a pair of black trousers, black turtleneck sweater, black shoulder holster, black lebel revolver, and black short boots.  The best of all however is that this particular rascal is an eagle eye commando.  Pretty nifty stuff.

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