My Hasbro GI Joe Boxed Sets


Most of my collection is loose stuff but I came across these two sets along the way on EBay as part of another lot I believe.  Nothing super special but when you only have a little, a little is a lot.

Here is the Secret Rendezvous outfit from 1973 - 1975.  It is such a boring and common set that I have actually gotten rid of at least six of these sets through EBay or trades.  Even Derryl DePriest's book (which by the way is a must-have for any collector) only mentions it in the caption of the picture.  Nothing exciting here.  My particular one has some fading on the visible portion that is different from the fabric behind the picture flap so it will always remain in its box. The only good thing I can remember about this set as a kid is that it had a flare gun.  Good weapons were rare in the AT sets and the flare gun often became the last resort to foil some evil plan.


Sample Analyzer is a pretty nifty set in contrast to my other boxed set to the left.  Released from 1973 to 1974, it gave a gadget to help Joe analyze samples of whatever needed to be analyzed.  It has a few "glass" vials and scientific looking gizmo with rotating dials (like a slot machine sorta).  Not much on the adventure, but gave Joe a different angle to go along besides beating up on pygmy animals.

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